Party Zone


Party and private service ~Special extra large event space, VIP room for 10 to 40 people, convenient for large and small friends to hold private party activities. There are 40 to 150 people to arrange for the package. If you are interested, please call the hotline at +852 2623 0396 or Whatsapp 5426 0088. Please pay attention to the promotion in the store and social media.

派對及包場服務​~特設特大活動空間、更有貴賓室可容納10~40人,方便大小朋友舉行私人派對活動。另設40~150人包場安排,我們更可為主角打造主題生日,更有多款其它服務安排,讓平日辛勞的媽媽們,能輕輕鬆鬆地安享受其中,如有興趣的朋友,請致電熱線+852 2623 0396 或 Whatsapp 5426 0088 與派對專員查詢,更可留意店內、社交媒體的宣傳。


Privite Party, Birthday, Kids Gathering